Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The truth is this...
When you sit in the Dr.'s office
and you hear the words that you 
have been dreading...
How do you react?
Do you protect those that you love
by keeping the secret?!? 
Do you 
tell them the truth?
I have talked with many 
women who are going through 
their own struggles with their 
and I have found one simple 
truth to it...
Each one does what she feels is 
right in the situation.
No judgement on my part, 
as I have never walked in their shoes.
I have watched people 
who find out that they are sick
doing all they can to protect those 
that they love...
Prolonging the pain ultimately
 they think that they will cause by 
telling those closest to them...
Do they trust in the fact that
love will see them through
the uncertainty that lies ahead?
God knows that when 
you sit in that chair and hear
the words "You have Cancer",
your mind will flood with a 
million emotions, questions
and what do I do now?
Take time for yourself,
be kind to yourself,
 Trust in yourself...

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