Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Be Not Afraid~

At some point we all have to face our fears...
For some it is stepping out of their comfort zone,
for others it may be talking in large crowds 
and yet for others it is firing a weapon.
Over the last week, I have had the opportunity 
to get in some time firing some weapons.
After my time today, I have become quite 
comfortable with the 9mm.
Even so to the point I was actually firing
better with just one hand.
I know that some cringe at the thought of even 
holding a weapon.
I will tell you this... 
It is better to know how & be prepared in case the day 
ever comes, than to hope the day never does 
and you find yourself a victim as a result of you not 
being prepared.
You don't have to become a collector 
or be at the range all of the time.
Just know that you can actually pull the trigger
 should the situation arise.
It is a freeing feeling knowing not only that you can do it,
but that you have the confidence to do it.
I would highly suggest taking the time to 
expand your comfort zone & knowledge.
Find someone that you trust,
knows what they are doing
then learn how to become comfortable firing a weapon.
I will tell you this...
If you don't trust the person that you are working with
your results will show it.
My aim was much better on day two than on my first day.
It will take time, but with patience & practice you will get there...

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