Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pick Your~

All different shades, textures & designs...
What defines you?
Today I had to laugh as I was walking 
through the store and noticed how 
many people were staring or making 
comments about my hair...
I stood out like a sore thumb...
I recently put the pink streaks back in.
To say it is a shocking pink,
is a slight understatement.
Never the less...
I am finding humor in watching 
people's reaction to my choice.
Some really like it, while others 
want to know if it will wash out 
when that might be?
Same could be said of 
people's choices for nail polish
or design.
How we choose to express our self to the world.
Do you do it boldly or do you try to blend 
in with your surroundings?
For better or worse...
I will not blend in, or go quietly.
I want to make a difference,
to leave a lasting 
impression on the world.
So, how do you define you?

1 comment:

  1. For me, I think my laugh makes me stand out. It is well ..... unique! HAHAHAHAHA....