Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Some of us only face fear when it comes to us.
Others run towards it 
and some,
 become frozen 
by it's very existence...
We all need to realise that at some point we
will be afraid of something.
For some it will be heights, others snakes
and some choices...
Do I give up the known for 
the unknown?
Do I take a risk
or play it safe?
Do I take the chemo
or just live each day as it presents it's self?
Each of us has to make our 
own decisions & be comfortable 
making them.
Fear will find us many times 
during our life and each time
we will be in a different place and circumstances.
But one thing is sure,
at some point you will have to face 
your fears...


  1. What if your fear is it might come back and your tired of fighting it? Or your fear is you survived when so many other you know have not. DO you fear that those left behind will not be happy for your recovery?

    1. Dear Anonymous~
      I can tell you from talking with my Mother & Grandmother that are both Survivors they feared that their Breast Cancer would come back for many years, they are still fighting to this day & are taking their meds as well as going in for tests & check ups. It is a never ending battle... Only you can make the decision to fight or not to fight... Cancer is an ugly, hard battle, but I think that every moment here is worth fighting for. You can't compare your Cancer victories to others losses. Unfortunatly, we will have friends that earn their wings before us. This just means they will be waiting for us when we get there. As for the fear in people not being happy for your recovery, anyone that has seen someone battle Cancer first hand would be right there for you & Happy for your Victories! Don't Fear Living... Fear not Living your Life... I hope this helps... Thank you for your comment... XoXo