Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get it all in~

Today I had the "pleasure" of going to 
an eye appointment.  
They informed me that it
 had been four years since
 I had last been in.  
Where has the time gone?
They went through the usual 
battery of tests 
 then to my great delight, 
( Ummm... NOT )
they dilated my eyes...
As I sat there with my eyes closed,
I started to think about all the time 
that has gone by...
It hardly seems possible...
After my eyes were fully dilated,
( as you can see...) 
I Looked like a Precious Moments Figurine.
I was back in the chair under a light.  
It almost felt like the moment of truth...
Have things been really that blurry?
So, it's time to make a change.
Time to get things back in focus...
What a difference a simple 
eye exam can make...
When was the last time 
you checked to see if 
your life was in Focus?

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