Saturday, June 2, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Buttons, Rings & Things

Today, I have the pleasure of telling you about...
A friend of mine came up with this idea, 
and I think that it is brilliant.
Using buttons, she makes keepsakes.
I know that we all have loved ones that have 
left us and we want to have something to remember them by...
Mandi has come up with a beautiful way to do just that.
She can design wearable art that holds a special meaning 
to the wearer.
She can do it with any buttons 

they could just be ones that you like,
that you found on a trip or just because.
For me, she is designing some pendants that 
will hold a special meaning.
I can't start to tell you how touched I am
or how much they will mean to me,
but I felt that this was not only perfect timing
but something that I wanted to share with all of you.
I have no doubt that Mandi could design anything that you desire.
So I hope that you will take the time and check out her site.
Maybe you have a special button or buttons that 
you would like fashioned into a keepsake?
Different & Unique...
One that would be a Conversation piece of Wearable 
Art that is Made with Love.
That is what you will get when you order from
Buttons, Rings & Things...

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