Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3-Day Talk~

Ok, in the interest of trying to Raise Awareness in the Month of October.
I am going to be writing the next several blogs about the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.
I hope that by the time I am done that I have not only given you more insight, 
but maybe, also inspired you to participate in at least one.
( WARNING: They are very addictive! )
I may calm some fears, while answering questions and maybe giving you food for thought 
as you prepare to take a Journey of a Lifetime...
To start out, I am going to start with breaking down the 3-Day Language.
 So you know what I am talking about in future blogs...  


SGK~ Susan G. Komen

Opening Ceremonies~ Where everyone gathers for the first time.  
Your first taste of what is to come. You might get a little over whelmed,
with all of the commotion at first, but it will be OK...
( Promise )
They have places that you can have photo ops.  
A table where there is a banner that you can write a message on,
( if you get there early enough, as they will use this in the actual ceremony. )
Another table by a blow up wall that has circle stickers,
where you can write your goals or hopes.
There is a trailer that has SGK items that you can buy
( in case you need a last minute item )
Lastly, a tent that is open for late check in if you need it.  
Whew, if all that weren't enough...
Then there is the emotional Ceremony where you will get to meet our Dynamic Spokeswoman. Dr. Sheri Phillips.  After the Ceremony, it's time to hit the asphalt and
start your Journey of 60 Miles...

Breakfast~ The first day, you are on your own.  So make sure you eat a good meal before you head to Opening Ceremonies.  After that, they will have breakfast for you, make sure you get up in time to eat a good meal before you head out on the route.

3-Dayers~ What we lovingly call each participant that is involved in a 3-Day experience.

Walkers~ These are the dedicated souls that Journey forward pushing themselves mentally as well as physically to complete 60 Miles bringing about awareness with each mile they walk.  You will see them in all different kinds of outfits and they all have a different reason for being at the event.  
Each one of them has spent countless hours raising a minimum of $2,300.

Crew~ These selfless angels of mercy are doing all the behind the scenes and not so behind the scene jobs to assist the walkers as they participate in the 3-Day.  They are not required to raise any donations, but most do it anyway in the spirit of the event.

Youth Corps~ These amazing kids range in age from 10-16. Each one has their own reason for wanting to be at the 3-Day.  They go through what I understand, is a lengthy interview process and are required to raise a minimum of $500.00.  
Their dedication and their spirits will move you on event.  

Camp Angels~ These are people that just volunteer to come in and help
set up tents ( sometimes carry bags ) and help with dinner service.

Sweep Vans~ Uncontrollable Fun on 4 Wheels, Impossible to miss as they always are turning up in different Themes ( that are usually really BRIGHT ) and if you still can't find them, you will usually know that one is near by the sound of a cow bell!  Once a Van stops, you will be greeted by two Highly Motivated & Spunky team members that will "sweep" you off your feet and help you get to the next pit stop where you can get food or seek medical attention if needed.

SAG Bus~ Depending where you are on the route, this bus will either take you to Lunch or if it is after Lunch, they will bus you right back to camp.

Lunch~ Yup, it's as simple as that, but when you are walking 60 Miles it seems like a whole lot more!
( and just so you won't be disappointed, there is a Theme here and port-a-potties! )

Pit Stops~ These are wonderful areas that also have a Theme.
( Seeing a pattern here? )
There is an area that you can fill up your water bottles,
( Yes, bring at least one of your own! )
  ( I will cover a packing list in a future blog. )   
There is a tent that you can get a snacks at.
A tent where you can seek medical attention if needed
don't forget to visit the port-a-potty!

Grab-n-Go's~ These are the down & dirty essentials...
They have basic snacks and hydration as well as port-a-potties.
( You'll never guess... They have a Theme! )

Cheering Stations~ These are amazing oasis that some are "official" and others are just "make shift", but trust me when I tell you that each one is a slice of Heaven as they can give you just the pick up you need to push forward as you are walking the 60 Miles.  
Lots of cheering, smiling faces and well wishers give you the energy to push on...

Camp~ Here is your home away from home while you are on event.  The camp is split in to many different areas.  You have the showers
( prepare yourself, they are in trailers...)
They have a towel service ( highly suggest ), and the infamous port-a-potties!
They have the tent area ( where you will sleep in a PINK Tent, with another 3-Dayer ).
Camp's Main Street has several things you will want to check out.
First, it is where you can pick up your camp mail & sweet treats.
( because before the event,
you will end up giving out the address to everyone you know! )
You can get a foot massage!  ( Don't miss this one!!! )
There is Kendra, who runs the New Balance shop & has Bingo where you can win great items and fill out entries to win some really cool NB Shoes.
They of course have the SGK Trailer and extended shop where you can find all sorts of great SGK 3-Day items.
They have an area that you can get on a computer & charge your cell phone.
The dinner area, they have the serving tents then the main tent where we all eat and have our camp shows.
Lastly, but most meaningful.  The Remembrance Tents.  There is one large tent, then outside, there are tents, one for each of the cities we walk in...
( This will be a blog of it's own. )

Dinner~ This is a must!  After a full day of walking, you need to replenish.  Make sure you eat before you take your shower ( as you wouldn't want to pass out in the shower! )
A great time to relax and enjoy the company of your new friends.  

Holding~ Here is where the party is at while you are waiting on all of the walkers to come in! Once the last walker has come in, we all move to Closing Ceremonies.

Closing Ceremonies~ Now that your Journey of 60 Miles is complete it is time to come together one last time.  This time, as a United Family.  
You may have come as a First Timer and Alone.  
You are now part of the 3-Day Family.  
This is an extremely emotional Ceremony.  
I don't want to give too much away, but I promise you...
You will remember it...

I know that this was a lengthy blog, but once you have participated in a 3-Day...
You know that you can never capture it all, no matter how hard you may try.
I hope I am doing this justice, and answering more questions while putting fears to rest.
And Yes, there is more to come!

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