Saturday, October 13, 2012

Savvy Saturday~District Hardware and the Bike Shop

I have the pleasure of introducing you to District Hardware and the Bike Shop. 
They are family owned & operated, they have been serving the community since 1971.
This weekend in Washington DC our Pink Family gathered to experience their 
In the wee hours of Friday morning two of our 3-Dayers Kris & Ken 
( who are known as the Tu-Tu Brothers ), who have served as our road safety for many years and in different cities had their bikes stolen.
It was imperative that we get bikes for them to ride, 
while still trying to recover their bikes.  
Another one of our 3-Dayers out of Florida, Dylan got ahold of 
District Hardware and the Bike Shop.  
They heard our cry for help and were all too willing to help us.  
So, for their amazing customer service, sense of community & charity, 
I wanted to feature them in the blog.  
I hope if you are in the area you will stop by and give them your business.  
I know that I will be giving them my business in the near future!

Community focused with a family feel providing both bicycles and hardware.
If you want to read more about their history...

                             From big projects to small projects, keys to kitchens, 
and new bike sales to repairs, we're here to help. 
We have affiliate programs with the following groups

Commuter Check, 
Virginia Tech Alumni, 

1108 24th St NW 
Washington, District of Columbia 

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thurs  9:00-700pm
Fri- Sat   9:00- 6:00pm
                                                              Sunday  11:00- 5:00pm

                                    It even got picked up by the news!  FOX-Washington DC

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