Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Bike~

Touching story that I had to share... 
Recently the kids at school had a walk a thon. 
The Top fundraiser would receive a bike. 
The 3rd Grader at Michigan Primary who won the bike, 
was called to the office to pick up her prize. 
As she stood in the office she turned to see a boy sitting there eating his lunch. 
She asked... "Is that they boy that has been sick?!?" 
They told her, Yes... 
Without hesitation, she said, 
 "I want him to have my bike!" 
This young boy... Cayden... 
 has been fighting cancer, has had surgery,  
and is now in treatment. 
It is at moments like this that touch my heart. 
How a child, that worked tirelessly to win  
the bike of their dreams, saw another in need 
and didn't think twice or had to be "coached". 
She saw another child struggling and  
wanted to make a difference. 
I know that she did not do this to gain  
any kind of recognition, she did it out of  
If we all could only be like this little girl... 

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