Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Motivational Monday~ Shake things Up

Sometimes it is hard to take advice,
 even when you know it's in your best interest.  
My friend told me, "your wound too tight."  
Maybe, this is part of what has caused my migraines to come back with vengeance.  
So, with that advice...
 I listened to another friend that suggested me trying Zumba classes.  
I wasn't really sure that it was for me,
 but after a little nudging,
 I decided that it was worth checking out.
  My first class, the instructor showed up late.
  Though the class was challenging, I decided that it wasn't the class for me.
  The second class I went to, I really liked the instructor, 
but felt I wasn't challenged in the class.
  So, I tried once again.
  This time, I not only found an instructor that I liked,
 but she challenged me to push further.
  I can tell you that I left the class drenched 
feeling like I actually got in a work out.  
I have decided that I am going to continue with my classes.
My goal...
To take at least two classes a week.
If I can take more...
If not, I want to at least keep to the two.
Usually, in the winter months I stay close to the house.
This season, I plan to shake things up & push myself to do more.
It is easy to get stuck in a rut,
a comfortable numb.
Not this Season...
Not this Woman...
It's time to do something, just for me!
What will you do to shake things up?
Thanks to my Friends for helping me to find something,
 "Just for Me"...

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