Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Motivational Monday~ The 3 A's

A question was posed to me today, what do I think holds more weight... 
Attitude, Actions, or Appearance? 
I do agree that all three of these A's work together.  
I have always been told growing up that,
 "Actions speak louder than words". 
Going along with that, 
you need to back up your words with action.
  Other wise, your words are a waste and eventually will become hollow and meaningless. 
Attitude, well I would be lying if I said that I don't believe that attitude is important.
  I realize that you can't always be a beam of sunshine 24/7, but sometimes,
 you need to squash the negative to keep moving forward.  You are going to come across situations in your life that are down right ugly at times,
 but it is your attitude towards it that will ultimately determine the outcome.
  Then we come to Appearance, this one for me, is a work in progress... 
For you see, I think in this life we are consumed about appearances.
  We are so worried about what others will think, that some forget to take their own feelings and thoughts into consideration.
  They actually become almost an after thought.
  I am not saying that you should never worry about appearances, 
but they should not dictate your every thought or move. 
So which one holds more weight for you?
  Food for Thought...

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