Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little Things~

When we think back to times gone by,
 it's the little things that we miss.
The sound of someone's voice, 
the talks we used to have. 
Their spirit,
the way you felt when you were in their company.
Images of moments past, 
that flash in your minds eye...
Preparing meals together, 
then sitting down to eat.
Spending moments in the sun, 
all the hours having fun.
Their laugh, 
the way they would smile.
The way they would walk
 or their style...
A gleam or twinkle,
 that you would see dancing in their eyes.
The way they would hold you near,
 chasing away all of your fears.
Words left unspoken, 
words left unsaid,
 floating around in my head...

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