Friday, October 5, 2012

Fantastic Foodie Friday~ Natural Scents

I decided in the spirit of the season,
 I would share a different kind of recipe. 
As of late my migraines have been  
coming back with vengeance. 
 I have been trying to find natural ways  
to substitute foods, cleaners and even scents.  
Taking out all of the unnatural ingredients. 
In my digging I came across this, 
what I thought was really  
creative and a beautiful  
way to decorate and sent your home. 
I have always loved the smell of the  
Jack-O-Lantern as it illuminates the room. 
Now here is a twist on that idea... 
You can use Apples, Oranges, or Grapefruits. 
If you want you could even use spices to enhance 
the scents. 
( pictured above they used whole cloves with the fruits ) 
Cut the fruit in half, then 
simply core out your Apple, Orange or Grapefruit, 
once you are done...  
Place a tealight in the bottom of the fruit. 
Carve a circle or another design in the top 
of the fruit. 
Then light the candle, replace the top  
and enjoy the scent as it lightly  
decorates your room and gives of a warm glow...

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