Monday, September 10, 2012

In the Midst of Chaos~

The gates open, the crowd starts to rush in.
Some people know exactly where they are going 
others have not a clue.
Just one of my duties, to make sure that each person
gets to where they need to be in the most direct route.
As it gets closer to the kick off and the singing of the 
National Anthem, 
the pace becomes an insane rush of bodies.
Faces flashing past, 
a congestion of people flooding the venue.
In the midst of the chaos,
I hear the National Anthem being sung 
by Joe Nichols.
The way he sang it,
was breath taking.
Working at the Browns Stadium over the last 
Ten Seasons, 
I have heard many different people sing it in their own way.
None have touched me so profoundly.
I took a moment to capture this picture as he sang.
150 Service Members,
 stretched the American Flag Across the Field.
As he sang the last few words,
they made the flag ripple.
I got choked up and had to fight back 
It was an Amazing moment,
one that I wished I could have captured 
in more than just one picture.
God Bless America
and All of our Service Members...

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