Thursday, September 13, 2012


Most people don't think, 
 about how scents impact their lives 
 until they have to. 
We know what smells we enjoy, 
and which ones we don't like. 
How for some the smell of something 
 being cooked in the kitchen  
brings back a flood of childhood memories. 
Other smells can remind us 
 of things we wish we could hold on to forever, 
even want to forget... 
Sometimes it takes becoming pregnant, 
have migraines or going through chemo.  
To learn something that you may have forgotten... 
That scents play into so much... 
They actually have the power to make you physically ill. 
Over the last few days, 
 I have been dealing with  
debilitating migraines. 
I have been reminded just how much the slightest  
smell can trigger so many responses... 
I forgot how violent some could really be. 
As I move forward, 
I have a found a new appreciation  
for people who say that a certain fragrance 
or smell actually makes them sick. 
Sometimes, it takes being in someone else's 
shoes to appreciate their view... 

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