Sunday, September 16, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Race for the Cure

I had the opportunity to once again participate 
in the Cleveland Race for the Cure.
It was an Amazing experience.
This year the weather was beautiful,
the "Cure Leaders" grew in numbers,
 from 5 to over 25 strong.
Cheering on the participants.
I got to wittiness people from all walks of life.
Men, Women, Children there were 
Families, Teams of Friends,
people that just wanted to bring about a change...
It was heartwarming to say the least to 
have the chance to be there to support them all.
I have deep roots in seeing Breast Cancer 
brought to it's knees...
I truly believe if we find the Cure for one,
the rest will follow...
Find a way to help us bring about 
a Cancer Free World...
Donate in any way you can.
You will be surprised what little it takes
to make a huge impact!

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