Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Motivational Monday~ Evaluate

Sometimes, we need to take a step back and evaluate,  
where we are & where we want to be.
This can be in any part of our lives.
  For some it is their weight,
for others it could be a job,
 where they are in a relationship or location.
 Whatever the situation...
You need to step back to get perspective,
 set a reasonable goal 
and start working towards it. 
  It is not to say that you will always reach it
 in the time you have given yourself,
 but just to know that you are working towards
 an end result.  
 there will be set backs,
unforeseen bumps in the road 
or sometimes it can just be a plateau,
 that you have to work around.  
Whatever it is,
 doesn't mean you won't get there,
 just means you need to adjust to get around it.
  Be kind to yourself, 
change is not always easy.
it is down right difficult,
frustrating and can even be scary,
but if you believe in your dream go for it!
 You will not always get the positive words of encouragement,
 that you want as you reach for your goals.
  You need to learn to be your own coach & cheer leader.
 Find ways to draw strength and courage.  
Use visual aids if you need them.
 Tape up a picture or pictures of what motivates you.
 Above all,
 have Faith that you will get there,
 Believe that you can do it 
know that you are worth it...
When you reach your goal...

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