Sunday, May 20, 2012


For the past two days I have had the opportunity
to be in the presence of champions.
Under brutal conditions, when it would have been
 easier to just stay home.
People traveled from all over just to participate 
in the Cleveland Marathon events.
Day one, was the 5K that ended on the Browns 
Stadium Field.  Then they had the kid's fun run.
It was heart warming to watch the kids get 
out and give it their all.
Today, was the 10K, 1/2 Marathon & the Marathon.
The day started out nice enough,
as the day wore on the conditions became 
almost unbearable.
Yet, through all of it, the runners kept running.
When it would just be easier to throw in the towel,
they dug deeper...
It really was a testament to setting a goal 
and seeing it to the very end.
I have to say that since I got out of the Marines,
I have not done much running.
Watching over the last two days...
Nothing less than...
Young, Old, Skinny or Not...
People came out to challenge themselves.
Leaving everything else on the road 
as they took their Journey...
They Believed in all that they had done 
to get to that point & then set out to 
prove that they could do it
they did.
Everyone that stepped out on the 
course today was a Champion.

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