Thursday, May 31, 2012

What did I do today?~

It seems like every day starts off like a whirlwind and is followed by a hurricane of activity all day long.  For most of us, our day starts with the rude awakening of an obnoxious alarm clock.  As if it weren't bad enough once, I often hit the snooze button so I can be woken up in this rude manner AGAIN.  Once I decide I can't stand the buzzing any longer, I hit the ground running.  I take care of breakfast for the family, pack lunches, clean faces, brush teeth, get everybody dressed and out the door so we can rush around all day doing what exactly?  We all have our jobs, even the kids because going to school is their job.  As for me, I seem to run around all day long doing "things" but at the end of the day when my husband asks how my day was and what I did, I am often at a loss to explain what I did all day.  Maybe it is because I did so much - cook, clean, laundry, make beds, training, run errands, get everybody where they need to go, made sure everybody's homework is done, nightly baths, bed time rituals, write my blog, etc.  It seems as though my day is filled to the brim, but what exactly did I do?

As I ponder this question, I feel like I need to slow down.  Take a deep breath, and stop doing stuff so I can do more of the important things that actually matter.  Long, slow passionate kisses with my husband, play with the kids just because it's fun, stop to photograph a rainbow because it is beautiful, stand still long enough for that gorgeous butterfly to land on my shoulder, hug my kids for no reason at all, visit with a friend just because we need some girl time, etc.  I'm not saying that all the other stuff isn't important, but life is short.  Therefore, tonight I'm going to let the laundry sit so I can cuddle on the couch with my husband and tomorrow I'm going to make time to stop for just a moment to smell the PINK roses!

"Each day, and the living of it, has to be a conscious creation in which discipline and order are relieved with some play and pure foolishness."

--May Sarton

  I hope all of you take some time to enjoy your days.  

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