Saturday, May 26, 2012

Savvy Saturday~ Great Lakes Outdoor Supply

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to 
Great Lakes Outdoor Supply located in Madison, Ohio.
They have an Amazing outdoor store. 
 I am not the outdoor expert by any stretch of the imagination, but walking into their store
 I actually got excited about the possibility of trying out something new.  
They have a display to the right when you walk into the store that makes you feel like you just stepped into the great outdoors.  
Different animals that have been preserved and put into a natural setting.
Then as you walk down along the one side you come to an area that is set up for 
bow hunting. 
It is a very impressive set up.
 This picture, is just a small sample of the display that they have in the store.
 They have many different styles, as well as price ranges.
Then across the back wall is all of the guns.  
Everything is set up in a very clean and well designed manner.  
Actually enticing you to want to look at the different styles 
and features of the guns on display.  
Which lead me to my fundraiser for this year.  
I was so impressed with Mike, and his staff that 
I proposed an idea that I have never tried before.  
We did our homework & found two guns that we thought people would
 be interested in buying raffle tickets for.  
I was apprehensive about trying this, but after extensively talking to Mike,
 I felt that this would be a good fundraiser.  
There are safety's that are in place,
 and I am just selling a chance at winning one,
 not actually giving a gun away.  
The guns that are on raffle are on display at the store
 so that people can go up and look at them if they are interested. 
 I decided on these two particular guns not only because they have a touch of pink on them, but they also could be used as good weapons of choice for a concealed carry.
  This year I plan on getting my concealed carry licence. 
 I know that this fundraiser will not appeal to everyone, and that is ok.
  We each have to work within our comfort level. 
 With this fundraiser I hope to not only raise awareness, 
but it might just get someone to get out and try something new.
  ( Expand your comfort level ).  
Even if you never have the intention of using either of these weapons
 for more than going to the range and firing off rounds.
  Knowledge is power, and I would rather have the training
 and never need it. 
Then find myself in a situation & not know what to do.
  I respect the fact that others will not have the same view as me,
 but if you do. I would love the support for my fundraiser.
I have enclosed a link for you to check them out, 
but if you are in the area. 
I would encourage you to take a trip out to
 Mike and his staff are very friendly, as well as knowledgeable about their merchandise. 
I was impressed with the store and the staff from the moment I entered their store.
I can't imagine them not having what you need  for whatever sport 
you are interested in, but I am sure if they don't have it, they can either 
get it for you or send you in the right direction to get it.
They have raffle tickets at the store to sell,
 or you can contact me directly 
to get them.
A Huge Thank You to Lisa Cummings for working with me 
and designing the Fliers, Raffle Tickets & T-Shirts.
She constantly amazes me with her willingness to support 
whatever ideas that I come up with and help me to achieve my goals.
Great Lakes Outdoor Supply 
6595 North Ridge Road.
Madison, Ohio 44057

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