Wednesday, May 16, 2012

To You~

Today, this blog is written for you!
You spend most of your day 
twisting yourself into a 
So that others lives are
easier, comfortable & brighter...
In all of this,
 you have forgotten
 one very important thing...
It is great that you want to save the world, 
 but who is going to help you?
You need to sometimes think of yourself...
Keep a little in reserve, 
for you...
Today I want to remind you of one very 
simple, but powerful thought...
Charity begins at HOME...
You need to take care of you...
Deadlines will come & go,
Events will be scheduled & happen,
People will ask & you will answer...
With all that being said...
You can only burn the candle
 at both ends
 for so long.
Eventually, you will learn.
You need to take care of you...
It is noble to want to save the world,
but don't sacrifice yourself in the process.
You deserve to be Happy too!
I just want you to take a deep breath.
Do something for you.
Take a long walk,
soak in a warm bath,
read a book.
Just promise me,
that you will think about 
I know you will find this request to be 
totally self indulgent
maybe even a little bit selfish.
You are wrong!
It is called TAKING CARE of YOU!
I just want you to know... 
You are Beautiful
You are Special
You deserve nothing but the Best!
 I Love You...
Now, take a moment to spend some charity on 

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  1. Thank-you for posting this, Sunny, because this is me!! Love you so much!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxo