Saturday, May 12, 2012

Honoring a Hero~

I know that Saturday is usually reserved for my 
Savvy Saturday blog.
I ask for your kind indulgence, 
as I tell you about a young man.
I never had the pleasure of meeting 
PFC Michael J. Metcalf when he was alive, 
but my children and I today got to know Michael.  
At 22, he accomplished more than some do in a lifetime.
Michael, was loved by everyone that came in contact with him.  
He touched people in profound ways just by being himself.
What started out as a simple gesture today to honor a fallen soldier, turned out to be so much more.
At 10:00am, I decided that I would take the boys 
with me to pay our respects.
After serving in the Marines, I developed a special appreciation
 for all members that serve in the Armed Forces.  
Yes, we may give each other a hard time & exchange friendly jabs about which branch we served in, but below that.
There is a deep appreciation, love & bond that we all share.
Each one of us at one time wrote a blank check to our Country,
 and we dedicated ourselves to defending it, no matter what the cost.   Even if it meant, giving our lives to do so.
Michael and his 1st Lt. Jonathan Walsh paid the ultimate price to secure our freedoms.
At the church today, we learned about Michael before he enlisted.
How he was the one that would always be there for you,
 no questions asked.
He had a love for life, appreciated the old & young alike.
He even had aspirations to become a professional bull rider.
"He had no fear", as we were told during his eulogy his nickname was "Cowboy"
He was a proud solider and was a credit not only to the Army,
 but to our Country.
We spent the afternoon in the company of Michael's Father, Family, Friends and fellow Service Members.
We were given the opportunity to be part of the motorcade.
I have to tell you, it was one of the most amazing 
and heart breaking moments.  
To drive by people that had lined the streets to pay their respects, and where no people stood, there were American Flags that were filling those places.
People standing with their hand held over their hearts, tears streaming down their faces and many saluting.
Young & Old alike. 
People standing on their porches, people that had been driving to somewhere, pulled over to the side of the road to pay tribute.
I can't properly describe the pride that I felt as the community came out to support & show their respect for Michael 
& lend support to his Family. 
Looking back upon today's events,
 I can tell you that we were given a rare gift.  
My sons got to learn about a real life Hero.
They got to experience first hand, how we need to 
Honor the fallen.
Though we never knew Michael while he was alive, 
we will never forget him in his death.
We spent one afternoon honoring Michael and his 
Service to our Country.
Even now, it seems like a very small price
 to pay for him giving his life to secure our freedom...
I ask that tonight you say a prayer for all of our 
Service Members...
We live Free 
because of the Brave...

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