Thursday, May 17, 2012

Go Out & Plant~

My life's Journey has taken me many places.
With that being said, I try to always plant kindness.
Their is too much Negative, Ill Will & Hatefulness...
Why should I add to it?
It is a conscious choice that I make every day.
Is everything always Hearts & Flowers in my life?
But, I try to use mindfulness & change my pain
into Kindness & Love for others...
If everyone would try this a little more often,
what a beautiful world we would live in...
When was the last time you actually took a 
moment to tell someones boss that they 
have/are doing an Amazing job?
Been a while?
We are always so quick to point out 
when things are wrong...
Take a moment,
challenge yourself,
pass along a seed of kindness...
Beauty is all around us,
if we are just willing to take a moment
and look...
Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers,
plant seeds along your path as you go...

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