Monday, May 7, 2012


I know... 
Is there any other color than PINK?
I had to laugh today when our oldest came home from school.
He proudly announced, that his favorite color is "Green".
He then preceded to tell me... I know what your favorite color is...
I had to chuckle...
3 years ago...
I didn't own a single thing Pink.
Not even while I was growing up. 
You couldn't pay me enough to wear Pink.
Even if you searched, you wouldn't find a single picture of me in 
Now, my closet has a very good concentrate of Pink.
So, for those of us that participate in the 3-Day, 
or support the Breast Cancer movement,
many of us would say that 
we really aren't a fan of Pink.
Now, with that being said...
Their are those that would,
do have just about every shade of pink known to man kind.
 They can't get enough...
Different shades of Pink for different people.
For me, if I am going to wear Pink it will not be a baby pink or soft shade...
It is going to be bold, strong & pretty much in your face...
It is the Marine in me...
I do not shy away from the challenge.
I wear my shade of Pink, as a way of showing my support
 to everyone that is,
has & will be fighting Breast Cancer.
but it isn't my favorite color...
I long for the day when Pink will go back into the box 
of crayons & be just another beautiful color to pick from...

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  1. My computer has been acting up, so I couldn't post this in a more timely manner. However, I'm fixed so .... who, pray tell, were you referring to that has every shade of pink? HAHAHAHAHAHA.... Love you! XOXO....