Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Family Tradition~

I love my job!
I have the chance every year to come in contact with so many different people.
Sometimes, it isn't always pleasant, but it really makes you think about things.
Every game of every season I see fans coming out to cheer on their teams.
Some are much more extreme than others, but all are passionate.
Today, I got to see the Browns win against the Steelers.
No matter what your opinion is on the team,
I have to say that I have never witnessed a fan base that is more loyal.
Thru the good times & bad, they are there to cheer on the team.
I am always finding a smile on my face as I drive to the Stadium.
As I pass all of the tailgaters that have camped out over night, 
just so that they have the spot to show off their pride for the team.
The decorated vehicles are simply amazing.
One of these days, I will actually take the time
 to take some pictures of them.
Today, I share with you a father and son taking in the game 
showing their pride for the team they love so much.
Heart warming to see a bonding moment that is more than just the 
outfits, it is a tradition that a father is passing down to his son.

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