Sunday, November 11, 2012

To All of You~

Today, I want to say, Thank You to all of the 
Service Members in all the Branches.  
It takes all of us to defend our Country.  
Your tireless dedication and selfless acts 
have defended our Freedoms.  
Giving us the right to peruse our dreams, 
where ever they may take us.
For those that have paid the Ultimate Price, 
it is to you, who I have the deepest gratitude.
You laid down your life, 
so that I could have another day 
to spend with my loved ones and friends.
I can't ever repay you for your sacrifice, 
but I can try to live my life to the fullest while having a grateful  heart, for the gift you have given to me.  
I will honor you every day of my life and never forget, 
what you have done for me, and countless others.  
I know that most military members do not want to be labeled as Hero's, but for those who have died for me, 
they are & will forever be Hero's to me...

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