Thursday, November 8, 2012

You will be Tested~

In our life journey at times we will be tested.
Sometimes, we will feel all alone and abandoned.
It is at these times, when we need to find our faith.
To trust that we never walk alone,
even when the road becomes rough.
There may be road blocks, obstacles, and even 
spots that will make you feel that you can't make it through.
This is when you need to dig deep,
believe that you have picked the right path
and continue on the journey.
There may be moments,
 where you need to take pause,
gain your strength,
find your passion to 
continue on...
When you get to your destination,
you will look back and know that 
the struggles made you stronger
and made you better than you were 
when you first started out.
Never give up on your dreams,
believe in your heart,
that you are meant to be happy
and never let anyone 
keep you from achieving 
your goals... 

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