Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving~

Today so many people are celebrating Thanksgiving 
with Loved ones and Friends.  
It is a day to reflect upon all that we have in our lives 
and to be grateful.  
Some people because of their jobs are unable 
to be with those that they love and hold dear.
  I hope that they know their sacrifices 
do not go un-noticed.  
For those that have left us all too soon,
there is an empty chair where they once sat.
  The smiles and joy that they brought into our lives.
  We miss them, 
during the holidays it is only too apparent their absence 
and the void that now is there.  
Remember them, 
with a smile, be Thankful for the time you had in their company, for the joy they brought in to your life,
 and the legacy of love that remains.
  Tears may come, but I hope, that what remains, 
is the love that they brought into your life. 
To all of our Service Members and 
Emergency Response Personnel, 
Thank you for your sacrifices to ensure that we are 
safe, taken care of and treated if need be.
Your selfless acts do not go un-noticed 

today especially 
I want to take a moment & say Thank You...
Blessings to All...
I hope that you all have a Safe 
Happy Holiday... 

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