Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Motivational Monday~ Your Voice

We each have our own voice, unique to us alone.
  Some will not understand us, others will try to squelch our words, desire, passion and drive.
  These are the people that have lost their dreams.
  They are dangerous to those that are still working towards their journey and finding their way.
  It is not to say that it is always done maliciously,
 but when you are striving, trying something new and taking a chance, their words can be crushing.  
So much so, that some will stop dead in their tracks.
Losing confidence, momentum and the desire 
to chase their truest hearts dream.
It is in these moments,
 when people tell you their thoughts
that you have to listen.
Take what they have to say and apply it 
where necessary, and discard what doesn't suit you.
Never let anyone destroy your dreams.
If you are willing to chase after them,
you never know where it will take you...
There may be unexpected twists and turns,
do not abandon your vision.
Stay true to your heart...

Psalm 37:4-5 (K J V)

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