Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Part of the Journey~

In this life you will realize that you have a journey
 you must take, it is called your life.  
As you have your journey, others have their's.  
It is always a wonderful thing when you find a 
kindred soul.  
It is also one of the hardest things to do, 
to let them go,
 when you have made such a connection.
  I know that this will not be the last time that I am
 in the company of my beautiful friend Judi.
Still, knowing
 that she will no longer be just down the road. 
Well, it is a loss that is hard to bare.  
I know that we will never truly be apart, 
as she will be with me always in heart, 
as I will be with her.
I was blessed to have met Judi in 2010,
 as I got ready to experience my first 3-Day.
From the moment we first met, I felt like we 
had known each other for a lifetime.  
She reminded me of my Aunt Chris, who had 
passed away from complications due to breast cancer.
An amazing smile, easy to talk to,

a genuine love that radiates from her soul.  
Just the sound of her voice, puts me at ease.
Over the past few years, 
our bond has only become stronger.
So as hard as it is for me to see her leave...
 I know it is not only the best for her, but 
is going to be wonderful for her family.
She is moving closer to her Family,
 and her precious Grandson...
He will grow up surrounded in love,
as we all should...
So, as Judi & her husband prepare for 
the next part of their journey... 
I wish them every happiness...

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