Friday, November 30, 2012

Give & Take~

In this life we should always give what we can.
Even if it only a smile.
Today I did something that many may find 
trivial, but to me, it meant something...
I went to a local coffee shop and left $20.00.
I asked the woman working at the shop to 
use all of it giving coffee to people that came in 
after me.  
Why you might ask?
Because some time ago I was introduced to 
an amazing woman thru Facebook.
She would every now and again do this.
Sending love out into the world
just because she could.
Today, I was thinking about her,
as I do often & wanted to send out that love.
Though we have never met face to face,
her act of kindness will always live in my heart.
I hope that the people that got the free coffee,
pay it forward in some way.
If we all just did little random acts of kindness,
what a world we would live in...

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