Friday, November 30, 2012

Through the Eyes~

When did life become so complicated?
Sometimes I sit & think back to days 
gone by when things were so much easier.
Innocence, Love & Trust were how 
I viewed the world.
As a child, you didn't know all of the things 
that could Hurt or cause Pain...
As I move forward, I try to embrace 
what I once knew as my world.
Not being naive, but also trying to not let 
all the negitive and hate be all that I know.
I find these days that it is easy, ( all too easy ) 
to be consumed with all that is wrong with the world.
I fight every day, to not let the darkness take hold.
So, I seek out my inner child...
I try to,
Give more than I Take, 
Smile more than I Cry,
Pratice Kindness more than Dwelling in the Hurt.
Life is not Perfect,
but we can choose the Attitude that we Generate...
Try to look at life through the eyes of a child,
the world becomes so much more beautiful...

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