Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Finding NO Comfort~

After spending the last month going to Zumba Classes, 
I am finding no comfort in comfort food.
The once beloved treat, drink or meal that I would seek solace to soothe my soul, no longer exists.  
I have all but given up Soda, 
( Pop, how I miss the Mountain Dew... Gasp ), 
Chocolate, ( Still something I can not part with, 
but our meetings are fewer & fewer ),  
Bread, ( This is one that I struggle with, it honestly easier to have none at all, than to eat any. )  
Over the last few months,
 I have been changing things in my life.  
I am no longer happy with what was...
A fire has been lit inside of me,
I am ready to change things 
work towards a brighter future.
Letting go of all that holds me back 
from my true potential.
I challenge you...
If you are unhappy,
take a look at your life...
Make changes,
it may not be easy...
In the end,
when you are Truly Happy...
It will be worth everything you went thru,
to get there...

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