Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just a Thought~

I am not in control of anyone but myself...
I can't change your mind, tell you what to do or how to act...
We each are in charge of our own lives...
I don't have to agree with you, your views or what you say,
but I feel tha
t I must try to respect your right to do so...
It is easy, to spew and generate discontent, ill feelings and hate.
It is much harder to try to take a stance of tolerance. 
With that being said, Please don't misunderstand me...
If you bring hate, harm or violence into my life, 
I will defend myself and those that I love till my dying breath. 
I have defended this Country and the Constitution and I will continue to do so. 
I will not apologize for my thoughts or beliefs. 
Instead of complaining, being angry or perpetuating the discontent... 
Be the change you want to see in this World... 
Teach your children the value of life, 
to respect others and themselves, 
to be charitable, 
and to know their rights and how to defend themselves. 
Give them all the tools they will need to navigate in this world 
& the love and security to grow up strong and confident. 
These days, it is easy to become hard, angry and bitter... 
We can't always control the world around us, 
but we all can control our own actions, words and deeds...

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