Wednesday, December 7, 2011

13 Years Ago...

I kept a date with a set of "little yellow footprints" in Parris Island, NC.  It took a while to get me to that point, as my ship out date kept getting changed and my life at the time was not easily packed up.  Looking back now, it was how it was meant to be. I was one of three, that was "bussed" down from Virginia.  In truth, we were in a pretty comfy van on the way down.  I got a chance to get to know the other two ladies as we traveled the miles, to get to those footprints that had greeted so many before us.  Kalisha, was with me on the way down in the van and has become, one of my dearest friends.  It turned out to be one of my most memorable experiences to date in my life and one that I will be forever thankful for.  I am so grateful that I did not listen to other people.  They said... I was crazy, that I was making the biggest mistake of my life and that I would regret all that I was giving up.  13 years later, I can say that... Yes, I gave up many things, but had I not let go of what I knew.  I may have never gotten to this point in my life.  Going into the Marines gave me a perspective on life that no-one can buy, gift or trade for.  It is one that is earned over the months, miles and trials that you are subjected to.  It teaches you respect, discipline and how to stand up for what you believe in & not back down.  There are many other lessons that you learn along the way too, but for some, just learning that you are stronger than you think you are is life changing.  So, tonight I remember the Journey that I started 13 years ago today.  Thank you to those ladies and Marines that I met along the way that helped to change me for the better, you gave me a gift that I can never fully repay.  These are my parting words tonight for my Marine Sisters~ 13 years ago... I met a group of women that were ready to go on a Journey. Each one for their own reason. We started together, went through so many challenges & changes during the months that we stayed together. We learned that we are Stronger than we think we are, Tougher than they said we were, & formed a Bond that no one could ever take away... You are my Sisters for Life & I Love You! No matter how much time or distance has separated us you have never left my Heart... Just wanted to tell you today, that 13 years ago you each gave me a gift that I will be forever grateful for... I will never take for granted, & will cherish till my last breath... The gift of having you as my Sisters and our 
Title as United States Marines...

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