Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Acts~ Part Nine...

Today I decided to give a gift that will live long past today, and may help more than one person in need.  I made an appointment to give blood.  I know that may not seem like a whole lot, but if you are ever in a serious accident, like my sister was earlier this year you would know that it literally can save a life.  I know that some people are scared to give their blood or just don't like to do it.  Some people never give blood because they were never asked.  So I am asking you now, if you are able to, please find a donation site and give the gift of your blood.  It will only take about an hour of your time & most places when you are done will give you a really cool sticker & snacks!  ( Lol, trying to be a little light hearted. )  If you are un-able to donate for whatever reason, donate your time.  Every bit helps.  You never know the power of the gift that you give until you see the end results.  I can tell you that without someone's most generous gift.  I might have been an only child this Christmas.  It is a bold and sobering statement all in one.  Here are two of the commercials that Red Cross has put out there lately that I think are worth the time to watch.  Wishing you & yours a most joyous Holiday Season... Holiday Gift Giving with Fred 2011 & 
The Perfect Gift 2010 

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  1. I can not give blood because I am chronically anemic, but John is O negative and also has something funky and rare that makes his blood perfect for newborns. Therefore, he gives religiously. I try to give, but get rejected every single time which totally bums me out! Thanks for giving blood!!! XOXO.....