Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Acts~ Part Four...

Today started out like any other day... Getting up, making sure that Tristin & Tyler eat breakfast, while I make Lunch for Tristin.  Once they get done, we brush teeth & it's time to dash off to school.  Then from there it's a myriad of things to get done, till it's time to go back & pick up Tristin from school.  Today I decided to try to help a friend complete her Christmas shopping.  I am pleased to say that after a few hours...  We got it all done!  As we were checking out, I got a call that a friend was having a rough time of it so... Three bags of groceries and a Turkey later, Tyler went with me to spread some much needed holiday cheer.  Early last week a friend & neighbor of hers passed from complications due to breast cancer.  The house was full of flowers... As not wanting to waste them, she made bouquets of flowers and passed them out to nursing homes, friends and people who could use a smile.  I was touched that in her time of mourning that she would be thinking of others and want to bring a smile to someone's face as her heart was broken from the loss of her friend.  I made one last stop before picking up Tristin.  It was to visit a friend, that has a heart of gold but he has lost his "Spark".  After the loss of his leg due to diabetes, he was served even a more devastating blow.  His wife filed for divorce.  Ever since moving to Ashtabula and meeting him, I have made a point to go and see him whenever I can.  Every year he gets a Christmas card and I invite him to everything under the sun.  He always politely declines.  My heart breaks to see him so broken and left feeling as though he has nothing to offer anyone.  Today we went to deliver him some "Sunshine",  even though it was pouring rain and a dreary grey outside.  We chatted for about 45 minutes before I had to leave.  Right before I left it was still raining lightly, but the sun came out.  He told me that was me chasing away the darkness... I had tears welling up...  He asked me to stop back by after picking up Tristin as he wanted to see him.  I said we would be back about 3:30.  When we went back he was waiting for us.  He seemed so pleased that I came back with the boys.  We talked for a while, and then as we were getting ready to leave he handed me an envelope.  I was puzzled.  He said that he was in awe of all that I have on my plate, but I can still find time to do & give to others.  I opened the envelope and tears that I have been holding back, came pouring down my cheeks... He wrote a check out to the Susan G. Komen foundation for $200.00!  I could not Thank him enough.  He told me that no Thanks were required, & that it was just a little love coming back to me, for all that I send out into the world... Even now, typing it out I have a lump in my throat.  Upon getting home I noticed a request from a friend, for a little girl that will be spending her Christmas in the hospital.  When I told Tristin about it, his response was... " I got this one Mom..."  He made 3 beautiful pictures to send off to this little girl that he has never met, but wanted to bring a smile to her face.  I Love his Giving Heart... So, tonight as I close out this entry, I guess all of my rambling is to try to say, that we all have something to give to someone.  A smile, hug or a kind gesture.  Sometimes it truly is the littlest of things that can mean so much. 


  1. A little bit of sunshine goes a LONG way! Unfortunately, so many don't seem to understand that in giving we receive. Thank you for being you! XOXO....

  2. From the aunt of that little girl, please tell Tristan that he is one awesome kid and Katlyn will LOVE the pictures!

    What a beautiful day you have had!