Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Acts~ Part One...

So, to start off the 12 days of random acts, I cleaned out my house of all the diapers & wipes that we had.  I found them stashed in different bags, boxes and in baskets around the house, we no longer have a use for them so I decided to gift them to someone in need.  I called one of our local shelters and asked what they were in need of.  They gave me a list with all sorts of things & at the very end of the list was...Diapers!  I boxed up all that I had, and then decided to wrap them up like a gift.  Apparently, I made someone's day.  There was a woman that was residing at the shelter that was in desperate need of diapers.  I also decided to give a gift to someone that always is there for everyone else.  She will give away her last dime, and then somehow manage to stretch what she has to make due.  She never complains about what she doesn't have she just works harder.  With two children that are disabled she always leaves me in awe.  In an attempt to help lighten her load.  I took a big box of canned goods over to her house and left it in her front room with a note that just said, "Merry Christmas".  Tonight as I get ready for bed, I count my blessings for all I have.  Sometimes to regain perspective, you have to venture outside of your routine.


  1. Giving is the best gift we receive! Your amazing! I love you ! <3 xo Lisa

  2. Thank you for ALL that you do. You are truly a wonderful person. XoXo :)