Monday, October 10, 2011

Brass Tacks...

Time to get back to brass tacks.  I have strayed from my daily training.  I lost my way.  It is easy to slip and  fall into a Lazy Boy recliner or make a lame excuse for why you didn't get in your training miles.  The time for excuses is gone... I have 32 days till my Journey in Arizona begins with my sister by my side.  So, back to getting the miles in, one at a time.  I started going back to the gym to supplement the daily miles that I am currently walking.  The last few days I have been frustrated with the current news coming in about two women that I know that are fighting with every fiber of their being.  They don't take a break or take a day off to veg. on the couch or call it in or come up with a lame excuse.  So, neither will I... They didn't have a choice to get breast cancer. I have a choice about getting out and doing something about it... This is for Taylor, Bridget and everyone else that is Fighting, has Faught & for those who gave their all while Fighting and unfortunately lost.  You are not forgotten, and I will continue to do all I can so that we can find a cure. XoXo  

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