Monday, October 31, 2011

Techinal Difficulties...

Since arriving in Arizona yesterday.  I have had problems getting my computer linked up to the Internet.  So, I am forced to use my Mother's computer in very limited capacity.  I can sometimes get my phone to upload pictures with much hand waving and moving from place to place to find where I can get my phone to pick up an open line.  Ahhhhhh!  So fingers crossed and prayers up that tomorrow I will be back on line with full blown access!  Today I took the kids to go see Mrs. Dory.  Her daughter Jean, who was very close to the boys, lost her battle with brain cancer just a few months ago.  We were hoping that we would get here before she passed, but it didn't work out that way.  Dory was thrilled to get to see the boys and their Halloween Costumes.  Tristin was Lightening Mc Queen & Tyler was Tow Mater.  After that, I went for a training walk. I can defiantly tell a difference in the weather and how my body is reacting to it.  Whew, I was a sweaty mess in only 5 miles!  It's a dry heat alright.  Felt like I was baking in an oven!  Walked back to the house, re-hydrated then filled up some extra bottles for my Mother and the kids then it was off to the carnival.  What fun we had wish I could up load some of the pictures to show you but not possible at this point.  I can tell you that the kids had a wonderful time!  Hope tomorrow to have my computer back on line so I can share more with you.  Today our 3-Day family finished up in Tampa.  With limited access, I tried to follow what I could but have much catching up to do.  My thoughts and prayers have been with them all.  Very soon, I will take my last 60 mile journey for this year.  It will be amazing to walk it with my sister, especially with all she has been through this year.  12 days till the Opening Ceremonies for the Arizona 3-Day... Ready or Not... Here we Come!

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