Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just Wanted to Say...

Everyone has their own way to Fight.
Some Walk, Some are Crew, Others are Medical to take care of the Walkers and Crew.
We even have people that travel long distances just to cheer everyone on their Journey.
& when Day One, of our 3-Day Journey Starts. 
We hear Inspirational & Motivational words spoken by.
Our National Spokes Woman, Dr. Sheri Phillips.
But all of this could not be possible with out...
Your Donations help to support everything that we do.
We may Walk the 60 Miles over the 3-Days.
without you, we couldn't do everything that we do.
So Tonight, I just wanted to say...
Thank you for believing in our efforts for finding a Cure.
Thank you for being our partner in this Fight.
You may not think that your part is very BIG.
 but just know, that your donation
no matter how Big or Small
 gets us One Step Closer,
to waking up to a world without Cancer...
So tonight my Fellow Warriors...
I just wanted to say...
Thank you for making a Difference!

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