Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day One of 31...

Simply, Amazing!
We got up early and started the day off by taking the family to a Weight Watcher's Meeting... We decided to take the Dr. Oz Challenge!  Once leaving there we did the usual first Saturday of the month ritual of going to Home Depot for the kids to build a project, then we took off to the IX Center.  They were having a Car, Motorcycle, Plane & a few Boats on display.  The whole reason why I wanted to go?  Chip Fooze was going to be there form the hit show Overhaulin'.  If you have never watched the show Chip can pretty take any vehicle and with his team transform it into a working piece of art.  The transformations are Amazing!  Tristin our oldest, calls Chip, Mr. Angelo... As in Michelangelo...We got there and stood in line for almost two hours when we were told that we most likely would not be able to meet him.  Me being, well me, decided that we were so close I had to try to get the kids to meet Chip.  I walked around the back side of the stage and asked if there was any way the kids could meet him... His road manager asked me some questions and then said that Chip would love to meet the boys.  I thought that we would be the very last ones to meet him, but instead as soon as he saw Tyler he told them to move the partition.  Tyler ran up to Chip like he had known him forever.  Everyone watching was mesmerized by this little three year old who was entertaining Chip with his huge smile and energy.  When Tyler was done Tristin went up to Chip and shook his hand and said, " It's nice to meet you Mr. Angelo.  I don't think that he got it at first, when I explained it to him, I think he was genuinely surprised that a seven year old would think of him as a modern day Michelangelo.  The whole time he was talking to the kids he was drawing them their own cars.  Then he signed them.  I was amazed at how he took his time with us and for those few minutes it was like we were the only ones there.  He was wonderful with the kids and us.  I really admire celebrities that are genuine and are so down to earth.  We chatted about my participation in the 3-Day events and he Thanked me for walking.  Before we left, we got a picture with him.  The kids were thrilled.  We walked around looking at all of the cars and even saw the "Memphis Belle".  That plane is huge! I enjoyed getting the opportunity to see it up close.  The movie about it is wonderful, if you ever get the chance to watch it I recommend it.  We saw a big rig that was all pink!  It was stunning!  As we were getting ready to leave we found ourselves in FORD Heaven.  Beautiful Mustangs of all different colors and years.  I have to admit that I am smitten by Mustangs.  The body style, power and performance.  We were trying to make sure that the kids weren't touching any of the vehicles as some ( most ) are worth a lot of money!  As we walked by a Red 68' Shelby GT 350 Mustang the owner saw the boys & asked if they would like to get into the car & get their pictures taken.  I almost passed out!  I thought he was kidding.  Before I knew it,  put the boys in the car and put the seat belts on them.  Laughing at how the boys were all smiles sitting in his car.  I got some wonderful pictures.  Then his friend told the boys they should go over and try out his car.  It was an all Black 69' Mustang Boss 429.  The kids were having the time of their lives!  We got to talking to them about their cars and then it was on to my pink hair.  They asked me all types of questions then said that they would like to help me in my endeavors with my walks.  I once again, was left in shock.  Then the man who owned the black car took the LifeLines Decal that I gave him and stuck it to the window of his car.  I was speechless.  He stepped back & looked at it and said it made the car!  WoW!  We had an Amazing time today & in the process got to spread the word about the 3-Day.  Day one of 31, huge PINK Success!

All Smiles!
New Friends!
All about the PINKNESS!
Till we find a Cure!


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