Saturday, October 29, 2011

From Here to There...

Today started with alarms going off every 5 minutes, till I could get my unconcious self awake enough to realise that I slept an extra 35 minutes.  Now, with being said. This usually wouldn't be a big deal, but when you live over an hour away from the airport and then add in the road construction.  The realization of those lost 35 minutes start to play on your mind.  Finally, I called the airlines to find out that I had.  In my infinite wisdom, set the alarm on my phone to say the flight was at 6:05 am when the flight was actually 7:05 am.  I think I knew that having the fundraiser the day before was going to make for little sleep the night before the flight.  We got to the airport in plenty of time, even with a security snaffoo.  Thank you TSA Agent that thought a bag of Matchbox cars looked "suspicious".  From there, we left Cleveland.  Headed to Chicago where Tristin didn't want to leave, because he wanted to meet Cee-Cee & Rocky from "Shake it up Chicago".  We left Chicago and headed to Arizona.  We arrived a few minutes early, but my parents were still there patiently waiting on us.  My Mother was proudly wearing her Alpha-Pink-Omega T-Shirt.  I think that the extreme pink hair threw them off.  My Mom said, at least she won't worry about losing me in a croud.  LOL ( My Mother, the Comedian! )  On the way back to my parents house we went to Target, to get the boys Halloween Costumes so that they could go the street fair in Fountain Hills.  It has been a long day, but a good day.  Always nice to get away and soak up some sun!  I am looking forward to a good night sleep, before my training starts tomorrow.  Sweet Dreams! XoXo 

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