Saturday, October 22, 2011

Early Post...

As most of you know, if you follow my blog. I am usually posting my entries right before the midnight hour.  Tonight that is not the case. I have been running around all day taking care of things so that I could have a Girls Night Out!  A bunch of my 3-Day friends are all getting together to celebrate their birthday's.  I was invited to come along.  I have not had a girls night out in so long.  I am really excited! We are going to go to the Bone Yard.  I have never been, so it will be a new experience.  I didn't think that I would be home before the midnight hour, hence why I am posting now.  Yesterday went really well.  I was at Bruno Bros from 10:30 ~ 11:00.  We had lots of fun & I even had a mother that called into order dinner and bought two of my shirts. Then, had it all delivered.  I thought that was really cool!  Monday I should get the check so that I can send it into the foundation.  Tonight after we go to the Bone Yard in Mayfield Heights we will go back to Julie's.  I will sleep there tonight, then in the morning I will be headed to the Browns Stadium for work.  It's going to be busy for the next day and a half, but I can't wait!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are doing & remember to enjoy the moments that you are given.  XoXo

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