Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fingers Crossed...

Today I spent lots of time on the phone trying to set up a fundraiser or two while I am here, and possibly an interview with at least one news paper.  Tomorrow I have set up 3 "interviews".  Other than that it wasn't a terribly exciting day.  Managed to get in 8 miles this morining in a training walk before the family woke up, and I have been working really hard to keep pushing the liquids.  The dry climate really takes the water right out of you & it doesn't take much for you to get depleted.  I feel with every step I take I am leaving a little water footprint behind.  So, it's chug, chug, chug.  I ran into internet conection problems ( Again ) so I am back on Mom's computer.  Frustrating, but at least I have a way to get my blog done.  So for today, I will be happy that I have a means to get my blog done.  Fingers Crossed & Prayers up for tomorrow in the hopes that people will be receptive to my ideas. 

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