Friday, November 25, 2011


Today I decided that there was nothing worth getting up crazy early or better yet, not going to bed for. Some people actually, willingly, chose to miss out on Thanksgiving with their family.  So that they could go pitch a tent out in the cold and sleep on the ground. Just so that they would be able to have a chance at getting a "Jump" on the deals.  Now don't get me wrong.  I have ventured out as a consumer twice, on Black Friday.  In my youth, I was always working.  I got to see first hand, the "Holiday Spirit" at work.  I have literally watched people fight over a toy or present, that is supposed to bring happiness or joy to someone in a few weeks. I guess, I have taken on the attitude of there is nothing that my family needs or wants so much.  As where I am willing, or feel the need to put my self in a position to lose my Mind, Attitude or Life.  I think, at this stage in my life I would rather shop during the year & find a gift that is thoughtful, meaningful & fits the person that I am giving it to.  Rather than making a list right before Thanksgiving, then rushing like a mad person to claw & scratch my way into trying to get everything that is on my list.  There is always going to be the "Hot Toy or Thing" of the Season, but in a year, it most likely will no longer be special, or hold the value it did before.  I know that for some people this is a sore spot & my blog is not meant to anger.  Rather, to maybe give a different point of view.  How much is enough and when is enough, enough?  For the last few years I have actually made most of my gifts for my family and friends.  I take about two weeks in the kitchen and make dinners, all the fixings, sides and desert.  That way they get to enjoy it for a little while, but then when they are done with it they can just throw it away.  Our kids get a few presents from us and "Santa", but most of their gift comes in the form of money in their college fund.  I have found that the greatest gift I can receive is spending the time with my family & friends un-inturrupted, or a donation towards my future walks with the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.  Trust me, there are things that I would love to have, but do I really "Need" them?  No... So if you ever wanted to give me a gift, I would ask that you do it in the form of a donation towards my walks or training shoes.  The greatest gift that we can give, is to give someone a lifetime of priceless moments with family and friends.  XoXo

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  1. What we remember most is not the gift, but the feeling behind it. At the end of my life I doubt very highly I will be thinking about what presents I did or didn't get, or that I should have given someone this or that. Hopefully, I will be comforted by the love that was given and received. When I receive that final gift of clarity, my hope is that I have no regrets!

    However, that being said, if you enjoy the thrill of getting a fabulous deal and you don't mind the hype, then by all means go for it! Different strokes for different folks. As my mommy always says "it would be a strange world if we were all the same!"

    BTW - this blog is a present in and of itself, so thank you!!! XOXO....