Friday, November 18, 2011

Sending Love to San Diego...

This blog post should read Thursday, November 17, 2011
As the alarms begin to go off before the sun rises in San Diego tomorrow morning, so will mark the beginning of the last Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure for the 2011 Season.  We have had an amazing season starting with the addition of Dr. Sheri Phillips as our new National Spokeswoman.  She has taken an already strong, unified community and given it more hope, strength and desire to go further.  While teaching us to live each moment as we are in it, and to only look back to honor those that have gone before us.  We each have something to bring to the 3-Day community and we are stronger together.  I think that the Foundation had a difficult task before them when they had to replace Jenne Fromm, but I think that they did an amazing job.  They chose a visionary that would help to lead us forward in our desire to find a cure.  In a few hours, as the crew prepares the venue for the walkers to arrive and as the walkers start to flood into the venue, the energy will begin to grow.  The Honor Flags will cross the stage and Dr. Sheri Phillips will bring the Opening Ceremonies to life.  For those of us that are un-able to attend we will be anxiously awaiting word from the people that are partaking of the 3-Day experience, to hear of how things are going.  Tonight as I lay my head down I send my thoughts and prayers to San Diego as each one begins their 3-Day Journey... XoXo

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