Monday, August 20, 2012

Be You~

A friend reminded me of something
I thought I would share it with you...
Even if you are the black sheep,
we all still have the same shepard.
The world would be boring if we all 
 were like everyone else...
Embrace your beauty,
the differences you bring to life.
Don't ever let anyone 
steal your light,
the flair you bring to the world.
Each of us have a gift.
It is who we are.
Trying to be someone
you are not, 
is depriving the world
of a treasure...
Though you may feel you need to 
 to fit in...
 be who you are.
You will never be truly happy 
until you embrace who you are...
So, starting today...
Love yourself...
 For what you bring to the world.
Do not let anyone steal your light...
Beauty lives in your heart.
Share that,
 forgive those that can't 
see you are amazing
for being who you are...

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