Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just One Story~ Bridget Spence

Many times I have featured Bridget and her blog...
She is one of our Pink Warriors.
She is always painfully truthful with her writings and heartfelt.
She has been fighting with stage IV 
Metastatic Breast  Cancer now for 
seven years.
Diagnosed at the age of 21!
She has not only shown great 
Courage and Strength
in her 
tireless fight,
but Beauty and Grace...
Though I have only had the chance to spend a short time in her company,
she has forever touched my Heart.
Last year, we started wearing 
Pearls in her Honor,
as she loves her Pearls...
I hope if you have never read her blog,
 you will take the time to do so now.
She is simply,
Here is just one Video of Bridget,
It moves me to tears EVERY time I watch it...
Please keep Bridget and all those that are Fighting,
in your Thoughts & Prayers...

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