Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday~ Unsung Heros

You will never see them grace the cover of this 
People Magazine
or read about them in the pages.
These Heroes that I am taking about, are
 Breast Cancer Warriors.
They each have their own story of 
Struggle, Grace, Strength and Beauty.
Each one fighting for one more day, 
to be able to have one more lifetime moment.
Be it a Birthday, Engagement, Wedding or Birth...
They just want to be able to experience it.
We struggle with heaviness of Heart as we lose them.
Each one has brought a special beauty into our life.
We have been made better, by just having 
 time in their company,
no matter how long.
We are a tight knit family.
Not only do we support those that are fighting,
but their Family and Friends as well.
We fight to find a Cure for Cancer.
Not just Breast Cancer, 
but all Cancers...
Each day more and more people are being diagnosed.
Every day,
 advances are being made.
 for some, 
not soon enough.
These unsung Heroes,
have ignited a fire in us...
We tirelessly work to help bring about a Cure.
So, that no one ever has to hear the words,
"You have Cancer".
Though our time with them was cut all too short,
we will remember them always.
Their smiles, 
the way they made us feel,
pictures that we took 
 the way that we would 
laugh when we were together...
All of these things and so many more made us love them.
With that love, we will continue to fight in their Honor.
Never giving up until we hear that we have found a Cure.
They will be forever etched in our Hearts and in our Minds...
We will Never Forget them or how they Fought.
Though we may never see them grace the cover of this magazine...
Their stories will be told and heard the world over...
Rest Easy our Angel Warriors...

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